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1. random shot: unaimed object.

  • He aimed at one bird but he killed the second bird as a random shot.

2. random statement: statement made without any consideration.

  • The statements made by politicians are seldom random statements.

3. raw deal: unfair treatment.

  • The children should always be treated with love and their raw deal should be avoided. 

4. raw spirit: strong drink.

  • It was under the intoxicating effect of the raw spirits that a large number of deaths occurred in the village.

5. ready money: cash in hand.

  • He always keeps some ready money in his pocket so that he may use it when needed.

6. ready pen: quick and expert writer.

  • Shakespeare was a ready pen who wrote a number of comedies, tragedies and historical plays.

7. red letter day: auspicious, or significant day.

  • India achieved her independence on 15th August, 1947, so it is regarded a red letter day in the country.

8. right-hand man: chief helper.

  • Jawaharlal Nehru was regarded the right-hand man of Gandhiji. 

9. rock bottom: lowest possible.

  • On account of his extravagance he has reached the rock bottom of poverty.

10. rolling stone: fickle-minded person.

  • A rolling stone gathers no moss.

11. rough guess: approximately correct.

  • It is my rough guess that I may secure about 65% marks in the annual examination.

12. rough passion: strongest desire.

  • It was the ruling passion with Mahatma Gandhi that the people should speak the truth and practise non-violence.


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