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1. early grave: die prematurely.

  • This young man has been put early to the grave.

2. earnest money: monetary deposit as a guarantee.

  • He shall have to deposit one thousand rupees as an earnest money before he is appointed on the post of the cashier.

3. earth hunger: curiosity to conquer land.

  • Babur invaded India with an earth hunger.

4. earthly use: insignificant use.

  • The great souled persons relate material possessions only for an earthly use.

5. easy circumstance: comfortable position.

  • It is the good luck only of few persons who are born in easy circumstances.

6. easy money: soft income.

  • There are some honest and dutiful persons who do not have any desire for easy money.

7. elbow room: a chance for the freedom of action.

  • A young and enthusiastic worker needs elbow room to show his capacities and capabilities.

8. (at the) eleventh hour: at the last moment.

  • Though he reached the station at the eleventh hour, yet he was able to catch the train.


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