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10:19 pm


1. face the music: face criticism, or trouble.

  • A leader should be bold enough to face the music from the people.
  • A bad man certainly faces the music for his bad acts.

2. fan the flame: add fuel; provoke more.

  • The abuses of India ladies often fan the flame of their quarrel.

3. fall foul: come in direct opposition.

  • It is never proper for the employees to fall foul with their employer.

4. fall a prey to: become the victim of.

  • By the mass spread of the disease, it is clear that the people of this area have fallen prey to infection.

5. fall to the ground: come to nothing.

  • It is only a man’s thoughtless action that he does not achieve success in his aim and falls to the ground.

6. fall flat: produce no effect.

  • All the advice of his father fell flat upon because he did not give up his habit to excessive drinking which had already ruined his health.

7. feather one’s nest: serve one’s own interests.

  • These days, there are some ministers who are feathering their own nest without caring for the good of the people of the nation.

8. feel in one’s bones: have some idea of future happening.

  • These are only some great souls who feel in their bones.

9. feel the pulse: know the real opinion.

  • A wise principal feels the pulse of his college students by mutual discussion.  

10. fight shy of: try to avoid something.

  • It is only under his family effect that he fights shy of abusive language.

11. fill the bill: be suitable.

  • From the point of view of his fine role, he will fill the bill if he plays the role of Antonio.

12. find one’s feet: grow familiar under new circumstances.

  • A really practical and laborious man soon finds his feet.

13. fish in troubled waters: serve one’s self-interests out of difficult situation.

  • Really, it is like fishing in the troubled waters if a third country serves own interests out of a battle between two countries.

14. fizzle out: fail miserably.

  • His scheme to go abroad for his further study fizzled out because of his father’s untimely death.

15. flare up: become enraged.

  • The crowd flared up when the child was crushed to death under the car of the foreign tourist.

16. fly in the face of: opposed defiantly.

  • A new spirit is developing in the present-day youths of flying in the face of their elders.

17. fly of the handle: lose temper.

  • It is never a good habit for a big officer to fly off the handle because tolerance ever pays.

18. flog a dead horse: enliven an old and out-of-date subject.

  • It is not of much significance to flog a dead horse.

19. follow suit: do the same.

  • Lal Bahadur Shastri followed suit by continuing the neutral peace policy of his predecessor.

20. foot the bill: to settle a bill and make payment.

  • An honest business is everyday to foot the bill.

21. forget oneself: lose self-control.

  • It was Gandhiji’s great virtue that he never forgot himself even in an hour of crisis.

22. freeze out: force out of business, etc.

  • An honest partner is frozen out of business, sooner, or later.


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